Charcoal & gold bowl domed necklace


Half domed sterling silver, gold plated and oxidised necklace with an oxidised sterling silver chain threaded through. Gold plated bowl.

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Please specify the size you would like (medium or small).These necklaces are made to order please allow up to ten working days for manufacture.

Chain sizes are standard as stated unless otherwise requested.

Care instructions
In the case of your jewellery tarnishing or becoming dirty, simply clean it with a soft cloth and a metal cleaning agent such as Silvo / Brasso, or a generic jewellery cleaner. To avoid necklaces and chains developing a dull appearance, try keeping them away from body lotions and perfumes. All gold plated jewellery must be removed when exercising, swimming and showering. If and when plating does start to fade, give us a call and we will re-plate.