Experimental Jewellery

Experimental or Contemporary Jewellery  is driven by a need to explore ideas and concepts, it is significantly concerned with its symbolic function. Generally this jewellery is created by individual jewellers and goldsmiths as it does not appeal to the wider public and is often not understood by many outside of the jewellery community. Art Jewellery is more closely associated with the Fine Arts than to craft or Applied Art in that the jeweller is considered and associates their own endeavour more with Fine Art concerns than with practicality.

Lynne formed the Contemporary Jewellery

collective & Ampersand SA in 2015. Consisting of two other jewellers, Ruda Darries and Caro

Jordaan, we explore without searching for answers, the landscape of contemporary jewellery.

Please click the link to find out more information about the collective and what we do. https://www.facebook.com/Ampersand-Collective- SA

Investigating The Mark

This body of work explores the body; in its lumps and bumps and imperfections.  These pieces look at our stretch marks, varicose veins and scars; the imperfect body.

It urges the viewer to interact with the pieces, viewing their own bodies in relation to the objects. These objects have been used as framing devices, highlighting, emphasising and drawing attention to our own bodies, how we view them and through what lenses.

These pieces allow us to turn the Gaze onto ourselves and subverting how it traditionally understood.  The viewer is no longer being viewed by others as objects and being left with a sense of unease, instead, power passes to the viewer and  he/she gains the ability to see him/herself, seeing themselves in whichever way they find fit.  These objects facilitate that transference of power and self-speculation.

Body Adornment

A project using jewellery wax, traditionally seen as a intermediate medium used in the casting process. This collection explores the body and its shape in relation to traditional spaces of the body with the jewellery realm.

Foot Adornment

This collection aims to expand and challenge our understanding of adornment.

Jeweller’s wax has been used, traditionally seen as an intermediate material through which end pieces are cast from base or precious metal.  The fragility and temporal nature of these pieces alludes to our understanding of jewellery as time based objects.  The use of the foot as a space for jewellery reflects on the many unfamiliar spaces on the body with which jewellery can interact

Adventures in The Ordinary

This project documents the overlapping and inter-connecting areas of interest between myself & Victoria Shennan, a jewellery designer from the Royal College of London.  This resulted in an exploration of our routines, rituals and daily lives in an ode to Georges Perec and his actively seeing.

We performed assorted exercises which illustrated our differences in thought, personality & ways of seeing. They are brief glimpses into our minds and creative processes
The result of this collaboration is this book.