Obtuse Jewellery shall take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of users. For the purpose of this clause, “personal information” shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA). The PAIA may be downloaded from:

Privacy and Cookie Policy
Obtuse Jewellery

1 Introduction

1.1 Lynne Avis trading as Obtuse Jewellery (“Obtuse”) is a South African sole proprietor.

1.2 Obtuse is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of customers’, suppliers’, associates and any data subjects’ personal information, which includes information that identifies or relates specifically to a person such as, but not limited to, their names, email address and physical address, mobile phone numbers, date of birth, any medical related information and gender (“customer information”). For purposes hereof, customer information includes any personal information of third parties that a user may submit to Obtuse on behalf of such third party (for example, the personal information of the user’s employees or partners).

1.3 Obtuse is committed to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPIA”) and the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) applicable to EU Citizens.

1.4 Obtuse also receives third party suppliers’ personal information and is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of such third-party suppliers (“suppliers’ information”).

1.5 The security of such customer information submitted by a customer (or allowing another person to do so on your behalf) and suppliers’ information submitted to Obtuse (including via Obtuse website (known herein as “the website”)) is dealt with as set out in this policy (“policy”).

1.6 This policy sets out the following:
1.6.1 What customer information and suppliers’ information Obtuse collects and holds;
1.6.2 Why Obtuse collects that information;
1.6.3 To whom Obtuse discloses customer information and/or suppliers’ information to;
1.6.4 How long Obtuse holds customer information and/or supplier information for;
1.6.5 How Obtuse safeguards customer information and suppliers information;
1.6.6 Transfer of customer information and/or suppliers information inside and outside South Africa;
1.6.7 Customers’ and suppliers’ rights to access and correct such information;
1.6.8 The cookies policy of Obtuse;
1.6.9 Changes to this policy; 1.6.10 How to contact Obtuse.

1.7 By using Obtuse website and providing personal information, the customer and/or supplier agrees to the terms and conditions stated in this policy and consents to Obtuse collecting, using and disclosing customer information and/or supplier information as detailed in this policy.

1.8 Should a user not agree with this policy (or any part), please do not provide such personal information to Obtuse. Withholding of personal information may affect the services Obtuse can provide.

1.9 Any term used in this policy that does not have a specifically defined definition must be interpreted in accordance with the use thereof and definition given thereto in POPIA.

2 What customer information and suppliers’ information Obtuse collects and holds
2.1 Where practical, Obtuse will collect customer information directly from the customer and/or supplier. This will normally take place when you deal with Obtuse directly, by emailing Obtuse, when visiting this website, telephonic conversation, by visiting Obtuse’s premises or any other way of communication and connection with Obtuse.

2.2 We may also collect customer information directly from the customer, when the customer subscribes to receive marketing material and/or when requesting information from Obtuse.

2.3 Should the customer directly submit a request for a quotation and/or information via this website or social media platform and/or to Obtuse via email, or request to be part of Obtuse mailing list, the customer is indicating that he/she has read this policy and is willing for Obtuse to deal with such customer’s customer information as set out in this policy.

2.4 In some cases, customers are represented by a third party. In this instance it may be necessary for Obtuse to collect customer information from such a third party. In such instances, we understand that the third party has the customer’s consent for providing Obtuse with the customer information, and the customer has consented to Obtuse processing the customer information as set out in this policy. Should it be necessary as solely determined by Obtuse, Obtuse may request a copy of such customer consent.

2.5 Should a customer become aware that customer information has been provided to Obtuse by a third party without the customer’s consent, please let Obtuse know immediately by emailing Obtuse on info@obtusejewellery.com.

2.6 Obtuse may require the following customer information from a customer in order to facilitate requests and to provide services to the customer:
2.6.1 name;
2.6.2 physical/residential address;
2.6.3 email address;
2.6.4 identity/passport details and numbers;
2.6.5 mobile phone number;
2.6.6 gender;
2.6.7 date of birth;
2.6.8 dietary requirements;
2.6.9 medical and health information;
2.6.10 credit card details, including card number, CVV number and expiry date;
2.6.11 any and all company information affiliated with the customer i.e. company registration number, company addresses, company contact details and company directors;
2.6.12 any other information required by us, suppliers and contractors in order to provide customers with accurate assistance;

2.7 Obtuse’s only collects sensitive customer information when it is reasonably required for purposes of delivering the requested services.

2.8 By providing sensitive customer information to Obtuse’s the customer (or allowing another person to do so on the customer’s behalf), is indicating that he/she has read this policy and consents for Obtuse’s to deal with such customer’s sensitive customer information as set out in this policy.

3 Why Obtuse collects that information and how information is used
Obtuse collects the above information about the customer and/or supplier solely for the following purposes:

3.1 Providing related products, services and event information to you and to carry out your requests;

3.2 to fulfil a customer’s particular requests and to enable Obtuse to invoice the customer for fees payable to Obtuse and/or the supplier;

3.3 to improve customer service;

3.4 to improve Obtuse’s website (Obtuse’s strives to improve its website offerings based on the information and feedback received from customers and suppliers); and/or

3.5 Confirming, verifying and updating your details;

3.6 For the detection and prevention of fraud, crime, money laundering or other malpractice;

3.7 For audit and record keeping purposes;

3.8 We also collect and process personal information for marketing purposes to ensure our products and services remain applicable to you and potential customers;

3.9 to comply with applicable laws;

3.10 For purpose of this policy, customers (also referred to as you) include potential and existing customers.

3.11 Section 11 of POPIA prescribes that personal information may only be processes if certain conditions are met which are listed below along with supporting information for processing of personal information:

3.11.1 Customers consents to the processing – consent is obtained from you during the introductory stage of our relationship either verbally, written or tacitly;
3.11.2 The processing is necessary – in order to deliver products and services to you, certain personal information is required. Processing is furthermore necessary to conclude a contract between the parties;
3.11.3 Processing protects a legitimate interest of the data subject – We needs to collect and process personal data in order to provide you with information regarding our required service and products. You will benefit from having their aircraft details updated and in an accessible format as a value-added service from us.

4 To whom Obtuse discloses customer information and/or suppliers’ information to

4.1 Obtuse’s collects customer information for its own purposes (i.e. to issue a quotation, provide goods and services, etc) and for the suppliers which provide the goods or services to Obtuse.

4.2 By providing customer information to Obtuse, the customer (or allowing another person to do so on the customer’s behalf), is indicating that he/she has read this policy.

4.3 Obtuse discloses customer information to its suppliers. Obtuse’s only discloses certain customer information to the suppliers to enable the supplier to deliver the good and services which the customer has selected and purchased.

4.4 Obtuse does not exercise control over the supplier’s privacy policies and each customer should refer to the privacy policy of any such supplier to see how such supplier protects a customer’s privacy.

4.5 Obtuse also discloses the suppliers information to customers. Obtuse only discloses supplier information to the customers to enable the customer to know the details of their goods/services which the customer has selected and purchased.

4.6 In addition, Obtuse will only disclose customer information and supplier information if:
4.6.1 required by applicable law;
4.6.2 Obtuse has a public duty to disclose the information;
4.6.3 Obtuse’s legitimate interests require disclosure or the customer’s and/or the supplier’s legitimate interests require disclosure; or
4.6.4 the customer and/or the supplier has agreed that Obtuse may disclose his/her customer information or supplier information (as the case may be), including but not limited to marketing communications.

5 How long Obtuse holds customer information and/or supplier information for

Obtuse retains the customer information and/or supplier information while the services/goods are being provided and/or the account is in existence in respect of a customer, or for the purposes of after sales support, or for as long as is necessary if legally required even after the services are completed and/or account is fully paid.

6 How Obtuse safeguards customer information and suppliers information

6.1 Obtuse is dedicated to safeguarding information and as such takes reasonable safety measures to protect customer information and supplier information and prevent the misuse of such information, as supplied to Obtuse.

6.2 Where Obtuse provides hyperlinks to any third-party internet websites, such links are not an endorsement by Obtuse of any products or services in such websites. Obtuse has not verified the truth or accuracy of any content of such websites. If a customer uses such hyperlinks the customer does so entirely at the customer’s own risk and we accept no responsibility or liability for the content, use or availability of such websites. This website may also contain material provided by third parties and we accept no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of such material.

6.3 If the customer uses a hyperlink to a third-party website, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and use of cookies. We do not accept responsibility for customer information provided to a third-party website.

7 Transfer of customer information and/or suppliers information inside and outside South Africa

7.1 The customer information and/or supplier information that Obtuse collects may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside the European Economic Area (EEA). It may also be processed by staff operating outside the EEA who works for Obtuse or one of Obtuse’s operators. By submitting customer information to Obtuse (on this website or otherwise), the customer, hereby consents to the transfer of their customer information both inside and outside the European Union and/or South Africa.

7.2 Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. Obtuse will do its best to protect customer information submitted to it via the website, but cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted to the website; any transmission is at your own risk.

8 Customers’ and suppliers’ rights to access and correct such information

8.1 The customer or supplier has a right to request access to their information that Obtuse holds in respect of such customer or supplier.

8.2 Should any customer or supplier request access to customer information or supplier information Obtuse holds in respect of such customer or supplier respectively, or if the customer or supplier wishes to update or correct any of its information held by Obtuse, the customer or supplier (as the case may be) can contact Obtuse to update and correct their information themselves by emailing info@obtusejewellery.com

9 The Cookies policy of Obtuse

9.1 Obtuse reserves the right to use “cookies” when a user visits the website.
9.2 A “cookie” is a small text file that is downloaded onto an electronic device, when a user of the electronic device accesses a website, such as this website. It allows the website to recognize that user’s device and store some information about the user’s preferences or past actions.

9.2.1 Transient cookies or site functionality cookies: Such cookies only exist for the duration of customer’s website visit and are deleted on exit. They recognize customer’s; 9.2.2 as a customer moves between pages, for example these cookies allow customers to navigate the website and use Obtuse features;
9.2.3 Persistent cookies: These cookies stay on a customer’s device until they expire or are deleted. These cookies often store and re-enter customer’s login information, so customers don’t need to remember membership details
9.2.4 Site analytics cookies: These cookies allow Obtuse to measure and analyze how Obtuse’s customers use the website, to improve both its functionality and customer’s experience.
9.2.5 Targeting or advertising cookies: Such cookies are used to deliver advertisements relevant to customers and/or suppliers. They also limit the number of times that customers and/or suppliers see an advertisement and helps Obtuse measure the effectiveness of Obtuse’s marketing campaigns.

9.3 Obtuse reserves the right to use cookies for the following purposes:
9.3.1 store details of customer marketing, customer preferences to enhance customers journey through the website;
9.3.2 from time to time, the information gathered through this site will be used to notify you about products and services that we think will be of interest to you, unless you inform us in writing that you are not interested in receiving communications in this regard;
9.3.3 evaluate the website in respect of advertising and promotional effectiveness.

9.4 To enable or disable cookies, follow the instructions provided by your browser (usually located within the ‘Help’, ‘Tools’ or ‘Edit’ facility) or contact Obtuse’s.

10 Changes to this policy

10.1 Obtuse reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend this policy at any time by posting the amended policy on our website. Unless otherwise stated, the current version will apply each time a user accesses our website.

10.2 Users agree to review this policy whenever users visit the website for any such amendments.

10.3 Save as expressly provided to the contrary in this policy, the amended version of this policy shall supersede and replace all previous versions thereof.

11 How to contact Obtuse

Should a user wish to contact Obtuse regarding the customer information that it holds in respect of the customer, the way in which customer information is being used or this policy, please contact Obtuse at info@obtusejewellery.com

Date of Policy: 1 July 2021

Obtuse Jewellery contact details Telephonic Support: +27729695979 | Email Support: info@obtusejewellery.com